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If you're a new business in need of a great logo, or an established business just ready for a change, wanting to "freshen things up" a bit, we have just the folks for you.

Having helped countless businesses (from one-person operations to Fortune 500 companies) with their branding needs, we've seen our fair share of both great logos, and logos in need of a makeover. As such, we've always kept our eyes open to great logo designers who really "get it" -- and not only those who "get it," but those who won't charge thousands of dollars (for something that actually is worth thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars.

The best three we've found are: Logo Design, LogoYes and Logo Maker..

Logo Design is a world-class logo-design service. They are excellent at what they do, and even better: they do all logo designs for just $149. Period. Nothing more. Nothing less. They could easily (and deservedly) charge more, but they don't.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you can get Easy, Affordable DIY Logo Design at Logoyes.com, or from Logomaker.com and create a Do-it-yourself Logo for only $19

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