How does this work?
If you have a promotional product you know you want (i.e., "I absolutely need stainless steel travel mugs!"), you can, of course, browse the catalogs we have on our site (though these represent only about a tenth of what we carry), or, save time, and give us a call now at 615-650-5777, or e-mail us and we'll send you a PDF file (these don't clog/slow your e-mail) of as many as you'd like. (Be sure and look at, if you're ready to green your brand, and grow it at the same time!)

Why don't you just list everything on your site?
Short answer: It would exhaust you (and anyone!), as there's just so much that we have to offer. 800,000 products is A LOT. We'd rather keep things simple for you, and make things happen quickly, efficiently, and get you exactly what you want.

Long answer: There's a saying I heard once that went like this, "Give people three exits in a movie theater, rather than two, and stress and chaos will ensue." In other words, keep it simple and straightforward, and things will run simply and smoothly. Plus, it's a major time-saver. Absolutely no one has "free" time anymore, and we realize this, and we know your time can be better spent doing something other than browsing our website looking at hundreds and hundreds of versions of the same thing (back to the stainless steel travel mug example!). So, we've streamlined our site, to save you time and money, and in a way that helps ensure we can deliver immediate, customized service to you. So, rather than spend two hours looking for a particular client gift, why not spend five minutes, and get exactly what you're looking for?

What kinds of businesses do you sell promo items to, mostly?
It truly runs the gamut. We have multi-million-dollar ad agencies, healthcare companies, trucking companies, T.V. stations, infomercial companies, construction companies, insurance agents, oil companies, independent bands, major recording artists, P.R. firms, web hosting companies . . . you name it! As we like to say, "If you have a logo, we've got somewhere to put it!"

Of course, in addition to client gifts, employee gifts, and marketing tools, we provide company uniforms (shirts, pants, hats, jumpsuits, shoes, etc.) for car dealers, oil companies, restaurants, wine & liquor stores, delivery services, etc.

What is digitizing?
Digitizing is the process through which all logos must go, in order to prepare them for embroidery on apparel. There are a few different file types, but the most popular is Tajima, which is what our digitizers use. The ways it works is: you e-mail us your logo, and we'll digitize it, so it's ready to be put on any apparel of your choosing. Plus, it only has to be done ONCE (unless your logo changes, at some point). Digitizing costs range from $30-50, depending on the stitch-count of your logo.

What if I don't have a logo?
No problem. We outsource all our logo designs, because our time is better spent ensuring that you're getting the best promotional products. We'd rather let the logo experts handle that, though we do have our favorites. You can find them here:,

What is the difference between "spot" colors and four-color-process?
Spot colors are like primary colors. There's no variation. It's either red, blue, orange, or whatever. However, if there's a gradation, or a subtle lightening or darkening in those colors, that's a four-color process. (Four-color process is a more expensive type of printing, for the record.) If you're not sure whether your art is four-color process, or spot colors, simply e-mail us your logo (with no obligation), and we'll let you know immediately:

Why are there art charges for printing?
Because every order is custom and has to be customized, individually, for print, etching, die-cutting, or embroidery, be it through creating screens, film, dies, etc. The cost depends on your colors, or manner of imprint (screened, etched, lasered, etc.) as well as on your product, but these costs are usually listed just beneath the per-piece pricing, on our site.

Do you sell blank items?
We sure do. Manufacturer minimums apply, but there is, of course, a discount for blanks, and they can usually be shipped out within 24 hours, or less.

Can I use my own UPS/FedEx/DHL (or other) account for shipping?
Absolutely. Just provide the number when ordering.

Can I see a physical proof before my order goes to production?
Definitely. We can send you a digital proof to approve, or, we can ship you a physical proof. Different manufacturers charge different things (some charge nothing at all), so depending on what product(s) you're interested in, we can let you know, up front, what the charges for a physical proof, one you can actually hold in your hands, will be (and the cost of that proof will be credited toward your order, so, not to worry!)

How long will it take?
On average, with domestic orders, seven to 10 days, from the time we receive your order and artwork, to the time it ships. However, many, many promotional items can be done on a rush basis, with a 24-hour turnaround.

In what format should my art/logo be?
Adobe Illustrator eps format, or high-resolution PDF, vector art is preferred. To better understand what "vector" is, click here.

Why can't you just use a jpeg?
The quality changes when you change the size, and it simply doesn't print well. There are, as with most things, a few exceptions, but generally, that's the case. (But again, if you only have a jpeg, and can't possibly find the original vector art, simply send us the jpeg, and we'll have it transferred for you (unless you have a graphics department who can easily do this for you).

If I'm ordering screenprinted t-shirts, is there really that much difference in the brands?
Not really. It really comes down to weight. A 6.1-ounce ultra cotton imprinted t-shirt is going to feel a lot better than a 5.5-ounce 50/50 imprinted T-shirt People have come to know the Hanes Beefy-T name, and that's because it's a nice, weighty shirt. I personally think it's too heavy for the summer months, particularly if you live in a humid area, so 99% of the time, I encourage my clients to get a Gildan 6.1-ounce (and they're always happy I did!) (Ask about our tagless t's, as well!)

What's the most popular T-shirt brand you sell?
The Gildan 6.1-ounce.

It's soft, without being thin or flimsy; it's durable, without being too thick or heavy.

What if I need a really large quantity?
No quantity is too large, unless you need them tomorrow! We can domestically manufacture them, or if you need, say, 100,000 pieces and up, of a particular item, we can manufacture them overseas and deliver them to you in 60-90 days (or faster, if you're interested in having them come by plane, rather than boat).

Do you sell eco-friendly promo items?
Absolutely. was launched in 2008, when we realized more than half of our calls were for earth-friendly promotional items. We carry hundreds of thousands of eco-friendly, resusable shopping bags, recycled pens, recycled notebooks and journals, , BPA-free water bottles, eco-friendly awards, recycled-tire items, bamboo swag, and more. . (Visit now!). (If you have a particular eco-friendly product in which you're most interested, just let us know.

I have no idea what kind of products to get for our event, do you have any suggestions?
Absolutely. We can give you ideas that other folks in your industry often use, or we can send you fresh new ideas. Just let us know whatever pertinent details there are (desired price point, type of event, any particular marketing message you want to portray, quantity needed, and anything else.)

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to help you grow your business with great corporate gifts, eco-swag, and delicious client food gifts. It's our passion, and we appreciate it so much.

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